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Life is all about emotions.

How you feel determines what you do.

What you do determines your results or

lack of results.

Here's the Problem.

We're not taught to feel emotions.
Socialization teaches how to escape emotions,
especially the uncomfortable ones.

Emotions are valuable INFORMATION.
People treat most emotions like kryptonite.
Which results in never using emotions as the SUPERPOWER they are.
Creating the results you want begins with emotional awareness.
Unfortunately, we aren't given a practical, effective emotional education in our modern world.
This is why most are not living life of fulfillment with the experiences, growth and contribution they want.

Discover What Emotions are Trying to Tell You.
hosted by Heartwork Journaling University.
 Our Current Emotional Education. 

We're socialized to do 4 main things with emotions:

  1. RESIST.  

People confuse resisting with feeling.

Resisting is like holding the door shut with all your strength.

Resisting emotion is the reason you feel exhausted much of the time.

 2. REACT. 

When you react by yelling, screaming, becoming defensive (like a porcupine) or crying, it may seem like feeling, but it's not.

Feeling doesn't look like acting in a dramatic play.

 3. AVOID. 

Society has made avoiding feelings easy and socially acceptable.

The main numbing behaviors are overeating, overdrinking, overscrolling, overworking and isolating.


You're taught that being happy is the goal of life.

Therefore, negative emotions mean either something has gone terribly wrong or there's something wrong with you.

You hide your emotions behind pretty masks in order to fit in, pretend you're "normal" and make others comfortable.

This illusion has grown dramatically due to the rise of social media.

Discover What Emotions are Trying to Tell You.
Hosted by Heartwork Journaling University
 Emotional Awareness is a SKILL you can learn to create the life you want. 

Creativity and play are INCREDIBLY effective at creating lasting change.

Doodles allow you to observe your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and how they all contribute to creating your results.

Doodles bring extraordinary efficiency, mindfulness, gentleness and compassion to doing deep inner work.

Think you're not creative?
Here's what Doodle Your Emotions participants are saying:
"I can't believe how healing it has been. I know how to deal with everyone's emotions, but not my own. This was so freeing." ~ Cathy Busam, therapist
"Thank you so very much. This has been incredibly helpful. The doodling made everything more palpable and malleable." ~ Beth Seebeck
"I've been raving about it, this solidified for me when we put something on paper, we can observe it."
~ Lisa Vazquez, art therapist
"I didn't realize how much putting my emotions on paper would help, I'm not a big drawer or artist."
~ Julene McGregor
"This is a fabulous way to get in touch with your emotions. I've had trouble visualizing or finding emotions in my body... this has been amazing to see and identify it." ~ Anne Poirier
"The drawings were so simple and I could actually feel while drawing and painting. Being able to craft our emotions and our responses made it such a safe place." ~ Stacy Brookman
Discover What Emotions are Trying to Tell You.
hosted by Heartwork Journaling University.

It's not your fault.
Let's see how this unintentional emotional education continues through the generations...


 "Stop crying. You're too sensitive." 

You learn it's not OK to feel, trust or express your true emotions.


 "SHHH! Talking about money is rude. You should know better than that!" 

You learn to suppress honest conversations about things like a convenient tool for exchanging value and many, many, many other topics.


"You hurt Billy's feelings. You need to apologize  now for hurting his feelings."

You  learn that you're responsible for other people's emotions.


"Don't be shy! Aunt Helen wants a kiss."

You learn that other people's wants are more important than your own.


Something bad happened? "Let's get you ice cream so you'll feel better."

You learn to use false pleasures to avoid feeling negative emotion.


Something good happened? "Let's get you ice cream to celebrate!"

You learn that feeling positive emotion isn't enough on it's own.


"Of course you should say 'yes'! You want them to think you're a nice person, right?"

You learn to people please instead of telling the truth.

 You bring this socialized emotional mismanagement into adulthood.

Emotional mismanagement KILLS:

  • relationships
  • health
  • self-esteem
  • career / business
  • dreams / purpose
  • creativity - art, dance, photography, writing dreams
  • resilience while going through hard times
  • EVERYTHING you want

Current emotional education disconnects you from your natural, healthy emotional guidance. 

Discover What Emotions are Trying to Tell You.
hosted by Heartwork Journaling University.

Here's what Doodle Your Emotions participants are saying:

" I have arthritis and I didn't think I could do this type of work again. I didn't have a creative outlet and my heart needed it really bad. Thank you for this gift." ~ Lisa Lehr

"Journaling alone with words is hard. I go through chronic pain and I'm so enthusiastic that I get to start painting again, using my emotions." ~ Tiwanda Young

"This has been a life-changer for me. This made perfect sense to me. I feel like I can do anything after this course." ~ Alexis Patterson

"I got a lot out of this like how to take care of myself when I'm going through hard things. ... it's helping...the things I've studied fall into place." ~ Elizabeth Allbright

"I've always been kind of a procrastinating perfectionist and this worked. This is a reminder I want to make a mark in life." ~ Robyn Mulder

"This course has been profound for me... that really, really woke me up. Thank you, thank you, thank you." ~ Sherri Livengood

"It was so quick and natural, it unblocked me and opened me up to get things from my head into my heart. I have trouble feeling my emotions and this was tremendously helpful." ~ Jeanne McGee

"I had  tremendous insecurity about drawing... this is easier and less pressure. It gave me a visual of how to be unconditional, how to stop trying to control everything. This was accessible to me." ~ Renee Johnson

Create the Results You Want with Emotional Awareness
hosted by Heartwork Journaling University.
 Here's what people say about Doodle Your Emotions: 

Incredible - SO glad I joined.

 "I was on the fence about doing this. I’m SO glad I joined. The first lesson was incredible. Looking forward to what else I will learn about me."

~ Lee Kendall 

Relaxing, not stressful.

 "I was worried this would be stressful, but instead it was incredibly relaxing."

~ Linda Dajani


Such a great price.

"Loving the lessons. I am thankful you are offering this course, especially at such a great price."

~ Sarah Morris


I didn't realize I needed this.

"I didn't realize I needed this until I found it. It's already changed my perspective and my life."

~ Cheryl Tellez

Learn How to Create the Results You Really Want.
hosted by Heartwork Journaling University.
This is NOT about your artwork, it's about your heartwork.
All you need is a pen, paper, your brain and heart.
Discover what emotions are trying to tell you.
hosted by Heartwork Journaling University.
What is Doodle Your Emotions?

Doodle Your Emotions is a Workshop that gives people an overview and taste of Heartwork Journaling.

Heartwork Journaling is a blend of life coaching tools, cognitive-behavioral concepts, empowering questioning, mindfulness and creativity.

We use the power of empowering questions to uncover limiting beliefs and decide how we want to think about ourselves and our world, in an empowering way.

Many students use it in conjunction with therapy but it is not therapy. 

Just like you brush your teeth on a daily basis for good dental hygiene, Heartwork Journaling is like brushing your brain and heart for good everyday mental and emotional hygiene.

How much is the Workshop?

The Doodle Your Emotions Workshop is $47.

If you choose to add the best-selling Heartwork Journaling PDF book at checkout, it's on sale for 50% off during the Doodle Your Emotions Workshop only. If you add it, the book PDF will be delivered via email immediately after enrolling. 

If you choose to add the 3 warm up doodle tutorials, you can add it to your enrollment at checkout. If you add it, the 3 warm up doodles will be delivered via email for download immediately after enrolling. 

If you have an issue with any part of your order you can always email for support to

When is the Workshop?

NOTE: Replays of live sessions available.

Even if you cannot attend all sessions live, don't miss out on these life changing, mind and emotion-shifting lessons.

Class 1: Wednesday, November 15th | 7pm CT | Warm Up Session

Class 2: Thursday, November 16th | 11am CT 

Class 3: Friday, November 17th | 11am CT

Class 4: Saturday, November 18th | 11 am CT 

Class 5: Sunday, November 19th | 11am CT 

Class 6: Bonus session date and time tbd 

Each session lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

TIME ZONE for the live sessions is US Central time (same as Chicago time.)

Click here for a time zone converter to convert to your local time.

How long will I get access to the Doodle Your Emotions workshop?

You get lifetime access because everything will be available for you to download for 60 days. The classes will be available for you to stream on our platform for 60 days. At the same time that they will be available for streaming, they'll also be available for you to download at any time during those 60 days, so you can keep them in your personal development library forever!

If I add the Heartwork Journaling book to my enrollment, how do I receive it?

The best-selling Heartwork Journaling book is over 50% off during this Doodle Your Emotions promotion.

When you enroll in the Workshop, you'll get an email to create your login for the Workshop replay and materials. The book PDF download will be on that page.

If you can't find the email to create your login, please email so we can help you!

Can I get a refund?

No. We do not offer refund of the Workshop or digital products. After purchase the links to the live Workshop are sent to you immediately and the digital products are instantly delivered.

Is the Workshop closed-captioned?

Yes, the Workshop is close-captioned. You can toggle the captions on or off.

Create the Results You Want with Emotional Awareness
hosted by Heartwork Journaling University.
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